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What our clients say about Apex Retirement Services

Apex Retirement Services Team

We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with our clients to help them meet their goals.
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We came to Ryan and Apex Retirement Services just as Maureen was retiring at age 66. A big chunk of our retirement savings was in her 401(k) from work. We knew we needed income during retirement but we weren’t sure of the best way to go about creating it. Ryan showed us a solution that allowed us to create guaranteed income for life using the money in Maureen’s 401(k). We loved it. What’s best is we don’t have to worry every day about what the stock market is doing because our income isn’t affected by it. And if our circumstances change, Ryan’s solution allows us to get access to our money when we need it.

– Maureen G. & Fran P.
Cohasset, MA

We were referred to Ryan by both of our son’s in-laws, who are also his clients. Eileen and I were within a couple years of retiring and we remembered how devastating 2008 was for many folks we knew who were about to retire. The last thing we wanted being so close to retirement ourselves was a repeat of what happened to so many others when they lost money in the markets. Ryan understood immediately how concerned we were about the stock market. When he suggested solutions that would protect us against those losses and help turn part of our retirement savings into a lifetime income, we knew we had found the right guy.

– Bill and Eileen L.
Worburn, MA

When I retired from NStar, I had my 401(k) and my pension. It’s great to have a pension but I knew it wasn’t going to be enough for us to live on. And I was worried about which pension option to choose. Ryan and Apex Retirement Services showed us 2 great solutions. The first would create guaranteed income using the money in my 401(k). It sounded a lot like my pension which is what I liked about it. Jackie and I could use this money along with my pension money to live on during our retirement. The 2nd solution was a way I could take the bigger payout option from my pension and still protect Jackie when I passed away.

– Wayne & Jackie J.
Apollo Beach, FL

I’m a widow so when it comes to planning for my retirement, I’m on my own. I’m fortunate to have a pension so I knew I would have some income for the rest of my life, but it wasn’t going to be enough to cover all my expenses. To cover the rest of my expenses, I sold some property I owned. I figured I would just take what I needed on a monthly basis from the money I received from that. Ryan and Apex Retirement Services showed me a better way. By using part of the money from the property sale, I was able to create guaranteed income, which along with my pension, would be more than enough to meet my day-to-day expenses.

– Camille South
Boston, MA

I have been retired for a year now, but for several years prior, I had attended dozens of seminars trying to wade through the myriad of information on how to maximize Social Security benefits and how to manage our nest egg pre and post-retirement. My search for a Retirement Management Company ended when I met Ryan and the ARS staff 3 years ago. Other companies were only concerned with the $$$ value of our assets. ARS is VERY different. This is a company that is genuinely concerned about each client’s plans, dreams, history, needs and comfort level with retirement management. The team truly LISTENS. They care, are knowledgeable teachers, responsive, attentive and honest. My husband and I feel fully supported, well-guided and confident that our financial future is secure because of their assistance. It’s nice to feel that we have control of of our finances and one less worry in these volatile and uncertain times. We have recommended Ryan and company to several friends and family members, who have also voiced having the same exemplary experience with ARS.

– Jeanette D.

I have been working with Ryan and team now for a year. Running into many obstacles. Ryan and team have patiently stuck with me, and finally after a year of frustrating, hard work , we are getting to the point of setting up my account. Ryan and his team have made themselves available for me whenever I have called and have always taken the time to explain things as we go. Two very important things to me is understanding my retirement investment, having someone return my calls and taking the time to talk to me. Both of which the ARS team has done. The feeling of someone truly caring about you and your financial security, has made all the difference in the world to me. I recommend ARS to anyone looking to make the right moves toward retirement.

– Susan C.

My wife and I had heard about a financial seminar that APEX Retirement Services was conducting near our home. Because it was convenient, free, and noncommittal we decided to attend and see if we could learn anything to help us with our financial planning for the present and the future. This chance encounter was a game-changer for us as we learned so much from Ryan and his Team that we signed on and couldn’t be happier. Our periodic personalized reviews with Ryan are enlightening and have proven to be most beneficial financially for us. We rest easy knowing that APEX Retirement Services is guiding and directing us in all financial planning for our future. If you have questions and concerns about your financial status, contacting Ryan at APEX Retirement Services will give you peace of mind in managing your finances. His knowledge, commitment and dedication to your financial well being will be immediately evident to you as it was to my wife and I. Ryan is very personable and we are grateful to be part of the APEX Retirement Services family.

– Skip & Dottie

We were looking to retire early but the fluctuations in the market had us wondering if it was even possible. After attending a few seminars in 2018, one of which was ARS, we decided we liked what Ryan had to say and most importantly we felt comfortable with him. After meeting with him and his team we were impressed with the time he took to explain where we stood with our current investments, review what was needed to meet our retirement goals and explain what we had for options. At no time were we ever pressured to make any decisions before we were comfortable. Ultimately, we took Ryans’s advice and we are very glad we did. Ryan and his team are quick to respond whenever we have questions and are a pleasure to work with.

– Kathy & Jim K.

Last year prior to retiring I met with several financial planners when a friend of mine recommended I attend as ARS seminar where I met Ryan. I was impressed with his honesty, knowledge, commitment and winning attitude. Ryan and his team are highly driven and focused on their clients goals and success. With Ryan’s guidance and experience, he helped me to make the best decisions to provide the needed security as well as achieving the highest yields for my retirement nest-egg.

– Janice I.

Ryan and the entire team has made us feel like family to them. Ryan has exceeded our expectations and we are grateful not only by choosing Ryan and his team but for the choices suggested by ARS to assist us with slowly moving into our retirement years. We would highly recommend ARS!

– Denise A.

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